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Gonzalo Higuain is the MLS Comeback Player of the Year right out of retirement

Gonzalo Higuain, 34, was awarded MLS Comeback Player of the Year after scoring

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14 goals in his last 16 games before retiring from football.  Recently retired Gonzalo Higuain received one final career honor as he was named Major League Soccer's Comeback Player of the Year.

"Thank you to everyone who voted for me," Higuain marveled with the award in his backyard with his family.  "This is the epitome of my career: fight, fight, fight to achieve my goals."  

 The 34-year-old helped Inter Miami into the MLS Cup play-offs, scoring a team-record 16 goalsafter their tumultuous start.

portion of their campaign due to injury, but returned with an impressive 14 goals in his final 16 regular season games.

Higuain won the vote after 16.6 percent of players, media and team officials gave HIM THE GO-AHEAD FOR 

him the go-ahead for the remainder of the match.  The Argentine announced before THE PLAY-OFFS THAT HE 

 would retire at the end of the season, but he left with an additional award after a glamorous career.