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Pokemon’s Ash Ketchum wins world championship

It’s been over 25 years since the first episode aired, but fans of the franchise are delighted that he’s become the strongest Pokémon trainer in the world.

A tweet congratulating Ash on the official Pokemon Twitter account got nearly 200,000 likes. Starting with a video game, the series has over 1,200 episodes.

Pokemon's Ash Ketchum wins world championship

The anime follows Ash Ketchum on his journey to becoming a Pokémon Master since 1997, where the character meets Pikachu, an electric rat creature on his 10th birthday.

For the past 25 years, viewers have watched him train to become the ultimate Pokemon trainer. In the series, Pokémon trainers capture and battle legendary creatures known as Pokémon.

Along with the anime TV show, the original Japanese Game Boy game spawned trading card games, over 20 movies, and merchandise ranging from fog (collectible cardboard discs) to stuffed animals.

Most of the anime season follows Ash as he travels through various fictional areas catching Pokémon. Ash aims to earn 8 gym badges to participate in the Pokémon League.

But in the latest series, Pokemon Ultimate Journeys, we did things differently when we saw Ash travel the world rather than confined to one area.

Viewers have previously seen Ash win two tournaments: the Orange League for the Orange Island season and the Alola League for Pokemon: Sun and Moon.

But to win the world championship, Ash had to defeat the strongest trainer on the journey. Ash’s final match against former world champion Leon was four episodes. We’ve also seen former colleagues return from previous seasons of retired anime like fan favorites Brock, Misty, and Dawn.

Sarah Nattocheni, the voice actress for the American version of Ash, tweeted, “Yes!!! My son is the best of all!!!!” Several adult fans of the show tweeted that the finale made them “emotional”.

It’s unclear if Ash and Pikachu will return for the next season of the anime. With the release of a new Pokemon video game, a new season of animation has become a tradition.

Two new Pokemon games, Scarlett and Violet, will be released on Friday, November 18th.

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