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Oscar nomination: Does Tom Cruise deserve an Oscar more than Whale or Elvis’ performances?

Oscars have always honored actors’ performances on screen and their contributions to the art of cinema. So it’s no surprise that rumors of Tom Cruise being nominated for an Academy Award have caused quite a stir.

Oscar nomination: Does Tom Cruise deserve an Oscar more than Whale or Elvis' performances?

The sequel to Cruise’s 80s hit Top Gun: Maverick was rumored to be a huge financial success. A film that exceeded all expectations, stormed the box office and became one of the biggest films of the year. There is no doubt about the success of the film.

But is Cruise’s performance Oscar-worthy compared to other notable roles that hit theaters this year? Top Gun: Maverick may be the highest grosser of the year, but will the film be an equal financial success? With movie excellence?

That is the purpose of the Academy Awards. Overall, this comment makes a good point. It’s easy to pick one of Hollywood’s most expensive and successful movie franchises.

Needless to say, the film was already a big-budget, high-grossing sequel that was already a hit with audiences.

The Maverick may be an updated version of its pre-80s model, but can you call it an upgrade or a stretch? Modern movies? Especially compared to other films of the year, which were well-received by audiences but were more nuanced and more daring.

Many Twitter users called for films like the artistic biography Elvis or the psychological drama The Whale. The duo starred top actors like Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, Brendan Fraser, Sadie Zink and Hong Chow. Why dismiss them as mere chores? Top Gun, of course: Maverick has the same number of tweets supporting the number of possible Oscar nominations.

While most would agree that the film has an unfair advantage and artistically does not belong to Elvis or The Whale, Cruise’s performance as a brave fighter pilot is fantastic. Cruise is a franchise centered around the story of an incredibly passionate character.

Many Top Gun fans have commented that the films are popular. The debate over which films deserve an Academy Award nomination is complicated.

Films with high budgets and marketing attention always succeed financially and attract large audiences. However, achieving significant success in smaller projects can help the film industry promote artistic talent and recognize the contributions of diverse artists. But equality in the film industry should not ignore the performance of big hits.

So examining audience opinion on whether Cruise and his original film deserve an Oscar nomination is not about the film’s award value. There is a question whether people like the movie. In this case, if you are a great gun enthusiast.

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