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Ford’s EV gurus talk about field obstacles and opportunities

Inadequate charging networks and inadequate access to battery raw materials are critical barriers. Reduce demand for electric vehicles, according to Ford Motor Company Chief Electrification Officer.

“The biggest thing really needed for widespread adoption of EVs is infrastructure”, Doug Field. In London, E.V. “It takes a lot of coordination to get the right skill and ability.

Ford's EV gurus talk about field obstacles and opportunities

Reliability in that charging network, so people don’t have to worry.” field, which is key innovative product development. Ford’s Model E technology executive said vertical integration is key to overcoming battery raw material shortages.

Vertical integration, a concept coined by company founder Henry Ford, has been revived by Tesla Inc. in recent years to control as much of the industrial value chain as possible.

“Companies that go very, very upstream capture materials years in advance, lock them in and create a clear strategy around the battery supply chain,” Field said.

The former Tesla and Apple Inc. executive began his career at Ford 35 years ago. ”This kind of change will push companies vertically.

Combine them in a way that they haven’t been used in decades. Field painted a vision of future Ford vehicles “doing things. Your phone can’t,” an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience on the move.

The automaker continues to develop hands-free driving, or “conditional autonomy,” as well as a more sophisticated user interface enabled by software and strategically placed cameras. And speakers, Field said.

It will give Ford an opportunity to “create an experience that shocks people and makes (them) feel like they’re in a sci-fi movie,” he said.

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