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With less than a week left before the World Cup kicks off, FIFA 23 has launched a promotional item that can be used during the tournament.

Unfortunately a lot of new cards and systems are killing the game right now, and the game servers haven’t received updates as well as everyone else. It’s not just a problem if there are a few issues with FIFA.


According to social media, FIFA 23 players have reported many server issues due to World Cup promotions and the associated Ultimate Team Pack.

While it doesn’t seem to affect everyone, there are a number of reported issues, including players not being able to claim Champs Rewards after matches, players being kicked out of matches, and some users being unable to log in. Save at all.

When I selected the official World Cup team, I was assigned to a series of video game characters.

The official EA FIFA Twitter account did not admit there was a problem with the server, so the server is fine. / Official ETA is with them to get better.

It’s best to uninstall all variants of FIFA 23 right now. EA will fix the servers in the next few hours. Don’t miss a few games and play with the often overlooked Career Mode squad.

Champion-Champions cannot receive points from FIFA.

As soon as you step into the new World Cup mode, you’ll know that EA helped categorize a new soundtrack of the franchise’s best songs.

If you’ve been playing FIFA for a long time, you’ll recognize many famous songs with the FIFA 23 boot, including Song 2, Blur, Jerk It Out, The Caesars and MGMT’s Kids.

The lineup of songs isn’t bad. The point is, at this point, we should all be involved in the match.

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