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Diablo Immortal server merge bug dismantling clans and preventing re-formation.

Diablo Immortal’s clan system has always been a bit odd. Just last month, we learned that a clan that had been dormant for some time had made it into the top 10 of the gaming leaderboard. Now with recent server merges some clans have disappeared entirely.

Blizzard’s compensation for the bug has been considered by fans to be fairly weak, and even worse, some have even reported that disbanded clans cannot be re-created.

Diablo Immortal server merge bug dismantling clans and preventing re-formation.

As Reddit user melvinxie (via Games Radar ) pointed out, Blizzard sent a gift to everyone who lost their clan after the merger. “Sir,” Blizzard begins. “Shadow Clan has been disbanded due to an unexpected bug following a server merge.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to you and your team. You and [your] team protect the Sanctuary.”

Blizzard’s rewards included 2 legendary icons, some gems, 300 scrap materials, and 30 magic dust. It’s nothing, but it doesn’t really sit well with former clan members who now ask you to completely unlock their ranks and feats from scratch.

One Reddit user wrote, “I’m amazed at how generous they are… they’re not,” while another said: Others said they received the same rewards even though they didn’t play on the merged servers.

To make matters worse, some people even say that you cannot upgrade your clan. “Some affected players are unable to upgrade due to other issues that are part of the same bug,” said Reddit user Ragaara.

This isn’t the first time Diablo Immortal changes have had unintended consequences. When Blizzard banned the purchase of third-party Immortal Orbs, some players had so much debt that they had to stop playing.

Meanwhile, Blizzard reported that Diablo Immortal surpassed $100 million in lifetime revenue in July.

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