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Apple is making plan: China will shock while India will benefit.

According to a report, Apple is making such a plan that will shock China while India will benefit. In fact, in the Wall Street Journal report, it has been told that in recent weeks Apple has  Apple has accelerated

Apple is making plan: China will shock while India will benefit.

plans to shift some of its production outside the U.S. According to people involved in the discussion related to this matter,

according to these people, Apple is asking the supplier to go elsewhere in Asia, especially India. 

And the plan to assemble Apple products in Vietnam should be taken forward more actively.

This news has come to the fore after the impact of violent protests on China’s Zhengzhou factory making iPhone products in November, according to market research sperm count.  The factory run by Apple has produced alone.

China’s status as table manufacturing has weakened, so it is being told that a large part of it is dependent on China.

It has been told in the report that in future Apple’s  40 to 45 t from target India  Apart from this, the report quoted that the dependence of the second is expected to increase for the production of smart phones and laptops.

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