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A Brazilian court fined Apple $19 million

Was Apple fined for not providing charger?

The customer went directly to the court regarding the fact that the Apple company has to buy the charger separately for the new iPhone mobile,

A Brazilian court fined Apple $19 million

after which the court told the Apple company that if you are giving the mobile phone, then it is necessary to give the charger along with it. 

When you buy an Apple mobile, you not only get headphones and a charger with it, but even if the mobile gets damaged,

A Brazilian court fined Apple $19 million

you get it by replacing the piece, but gradually Apple removed the headphones and charger from the pack and started recovering the physical damage only if you take a few thousand policy coverage. 

Most of the consumers expressed their displeasure about this but it never went to the Gram Panchayat or the court but a Brazilian man went directly to the court over the charger issue and Apple was fined a total of 19 million dollars due to one charger.

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